[Review] The Strangers Prey at Night made 10 years worth the wait

Ten years ago, we were introduce to a trio of masked killers (Dollface, Pinup Girl, and Bag Head), who terrorized and ultimately killed a couple in an isolated house.  A decade later, The Strangers have returned for more random bloodshed.  This movie, which I have seen twice in the theater and another 4-5 times on a bootleg website, has quickly become one of my favorite horror movies of all time.  There is just something about this movie that keeps me watching over and over again.
We start with the Strangers seemingly making their first kills of the movie, an old couple in a trailer.  At that point we meet the unfortunate family that will be stalked by the Strangers throughout the movie.  The premise is Kinsey (played by Bailee Madison) is a troubled girl being sent off to boarding school by her parents, although the only things we find out she does is smoke, get bad grades, and skip school.  Not exactly things most parents would send a kid to boarding school over, but this is the premise they give us.  My guess is, they needed the reason to be taking the trip, but didn’t want Kinsey doing anything so bad that the audience couldn’t get behind her later in the movie.  After all, Kinsey is the heroine of this movie and they can’t have the people watching thinking she was irredeemable.  Anyways, along the way they stop off at a trailer park (same one we saw in the beginning) ran by their aunt & uncle.  It’s here where the fun and madness begin, as the family must figure out a way to survive this mysterious and psychotic trio.  I really thought Bailee did an amazing job in this movie as Kinsey, and think she could really have a great future as the next “scream queen” if she chose to do so.  Either way, I see the young actress really breaking out in the next few years to become a big time star.
I will admit, I’m not very knowledgeable when it comes to the in depth aspects of movie making.  I am simply a fan, so I only know if I like a movie or don’t, and I really don’t pay much attention to things past that.  However, I do have to say I loved the cinematography of this movie.  The way the lighting and fog was throughout the trailer park always kept a very ominous feeling hanging over each scene.  Also if you are a fan of 80’s music, you will be right at home, mostly by Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and Air Supply’s “Making Love Out of Nothing At All”.  These two songs really emphasized a couple of key scenes in the movie, one being a really cool pool scene.
All in all, I absolutely LOVE this movie and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.  Forget what Rotten Tomatoes has to say, this movie was well worth the wait and, in my opinion, was way better than the first one.  If for no other reason, you get to see the potential victims really fight back, rather than just basically waiting to die like they did in the first Strangers.  What did you think of The Strangers: Prey at Night?  Leave a comment below.

Slasher Rating:  5 stars out of 5


If you wish to watch this movie spoiler free, please stop reading now.  For those who don’t mind the movie being spoiled, continue to read on.  While I liked this movie, I do feel it had some dumb parts in it.  For instance, in one scene where Luke walks in to find his sister Kinsey being attacked by Dollface, he pulls a gun on her, getting her to drop her knife.  Instead of shooting her though, which any one of us most likely would have if someone was trying to kill your family, he grabs Kinsey and they run away.  At this point he knows there are at least two killers and Kinsey knows of all three (Kinsey knows about Pinup Girl, Luke doesn’t at this point) so it made no sense to leave one of them alive when you have the chance to shoot them.  The second dumb moment was when Luke & Kinsey are hiding in a trailer and Bag Head drives his truck into it.  The siblings get up and run out of the trailer, leaving the gun behind.  Also, if you notice me not talking about the parents much, well it’s cause they die early on, leaving Luke and Kinsey as the ones to fight off all three Strangers.  As for the ending of the movie, I don’t think they leave it open for another sequel, as some people have said.  I think the knock on the hospital room door was probably a nurse or doctor or someone.  They made you think it could’ve been one of the Strangers, but I just don’t see that being the case.  

Check out the trailer below…..

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