[Review] A Quiet Place left me silently stunned


Imagine a world where you have to remain completely silent in order to survive.  This is the premise of A Quiet Place, a movie getting rave reviews from people all over the country.  I was excited to see this movie and had high hopes knowing that John Krasinski from The Office was both an actor and director on this project.  A Quiet Place, however, left me seemingly in the minority that just did not like the movie.  I left the theater with too many questions, too much confusion, and really just kinda needing more.


The movie revolves around a family living in isolation, who have to remain silent at all times.  If they make the slightest noise, these strange creatures will hunt and kill those who made the noise.  It sounds like a fresh premise to a movie, right?  Well imagine going through 95% of a movie with it being completely silent.  Imagine what it’s like for a movie goer to try and eat your popcorn during a silent movie.  Not exactly the easiest thing to do, but I digress.  I really wish I had more depth to share with this movie, but that’s pretty much the gist of it.  Family living in solitude has to stay quiet or else they unleash alien-like monsters who will hunt and kill them.  They must try to figure out a way to survive and how to stop these monsters.


It wasn’t all bad

I can say what I liked about it.  I thought the premise was a good and refreshing one, something that really hasn’t been tried before.  I give them credit for that at least.  I thought the acting was really good, cause I can imagine it being difficult for an actor to go through a movie without saying a word for most of it.  That can’t be as easy as it looks.  I liked the role of Lee (Krasinski) as the protective father, amateur scientist (he tries to build new hearing aids for his deaf daughter), and ultimately the one trying to figure out how to kill the mysterious creatures.  I liked that they didn’t just make them stupid and helpless, as they did everything they could to survive. 


Too many questions

Now onto what I didn’t like.  First of all, where did these creatures come from?  What happened to everyone in the world?  How many other survivors were there?  How did this family manage to survive the initial onslaught?  I really get the feeling this movie was set up to provide a prequel, cause it’s really begging for it actually.  They almost have to do one at this point just to answer these basic questions.  Another thing I didn’t like was the fact that this family KNOWS they have to be silent at all time, yet early on in the movie, we find out the mom is pregnant again.  Why in the world did they think having another baby was a good idea….at least until they figured out how to kill the creatures off?!  Babies make noise.  A woman going through labor makes noise.  Having sex makes noise!  Why did it take so long for them to figure out what the creatures’ weakness was?  Also the movie ending in kind of a cliffhanger just left a lot to be desired.  They made you think they were going to fend off and kill all these creatures, who were storming the house like the beaches of Normandy.  As soon as I saw them all come out of the woodworks, I turned to the person I was with and told them that family was officially screwed.  There’s no way they could survive an attack like that, but that’s exactly what they tried to convince us with the ending.  I just didn’t and couldn’t buy it.


A Quiet Place has grossed $154.3 million on a $21 million budget and has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, so maybe I’m the crazy one who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.  I just left the theater disappointed in this movie, after being so excited to see it going in.  However, millions of people are really putting this movie over, so don’t just take my word for it.  While I wouldn’t recommend the movie, and certainly wouldn’t pay to see it again, I advise that you go see it and judge for yourself.  Unfortunately, for me, A Quiet Place left me screaming on the inside.  What did you think?  Leave a comment below.


Slasher Zone Rating:  2 out of 5 stars

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